You and your business need to sparkle!


So if you've no time for Twitter, or are fretting over your Facebook posts, I can help you plan your social media strategy and create the content for you.


A successful online presence will give your brand a voice and help to maintain your public reputation, which nowadays can really influence the success or failure of a business!

Social Media is a wonderful tool to interest and engage potential clients and customers and very much forms part of the sales

and customer service process.


For all its positives, social media which is managed incorrectly can be very damaging - the tone and language is important and the correct handling of any negative online feedback is crucial.


Producing high-quality content for social media is far more time-consuming than people may initially think and for success you need a strategy, a content planner and structure to work with that will guide both the content and timing of your activity and regular analysis of data to monitor the effectiveness of your strategy and those of your competitors.

I'm the editor of my own Life & Style Blog and Instagram account where I work with well known brands to help them promote their products.

As well as my experience, I also have Diplomas in both Digital Marketing and Social Media

& Online Brand Reputation Management. 



An indepth consultation during which I complete a comprehensive brief to get to know you and your business in detail.


I then review your current social media activity. 


This enables me to plan a strategy for future social media activity based upon your target audience and business goals.

I devise a daily/weekly/monthly Content Planner with a clear message for all of your social media platforms. 

As part of the consultation I will also:

Give you tips on using each platform.

Inform you of the latest trends and best practices.

Impart tips for Social media strategy success.

Explain how to most effectively deal with any negative online feedback.

We will combine all of this with your current marketing activity to ensure you are

maintaining a cohesive image for your brand.  

This service is flexible and can be customised to suit your needs.

For the service detailed above there is a one-off fee.

A quarterly or 6 month review session is available to analyse the results of your

content and adjust your strategy where necessary.


I provide content suites for all social media platforms in line with your strategy and Content Planner, helping you to grow the online awareness and

manage the reputation of your business.


This area of the service I offer is very flexible and will be tailored to meet your specific needs and the level of involvement you wish me to have.

There is an on-going monthly fee for each content suite, depending on the level of content required.

What can happen if you don't manage your social media well!
15+ million views after a Twitter complaint was not dealt with correctly....


Get in touch to discuss how I can help make your online presence grow!

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